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Trou Macacq Lyrics

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Trou Macacq Lyric

Squirrel Nut Zippers Lyrics
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Trou Macacq This is the story of the trou macacq, the pine box derby, the monkey track
This is the story of the trou macacq, the pine box derby, the monkey track
Not what I heard or saw on TV,
But what I witnessed entirely
Each bend in the road was infact another curve on the monkey track
Once upon a time we thought we were free
And had control over destiny
We saw ourselves a competent band
Able to reason, prosper and plan
But we had a chamber up in the moon
Circumstance made us change our tune
When the veil was torn from our face
We became the monkeys riding the race
You think you got the stuff it takes to break away!
Boy you'll be on the track every day
Talent, vigor,drive
You'll eat peanut butter the rest of your life
And these last things you can arrange
Find other people equally strange
Stuff yourselves in the van and ride the pine box derby to the finish line
I said: Chris P. rides on a serious plan
He's going to finish as fast as he can
The Escalator takes it personally
And does not drive professionally
Charming Enchantress and Bones can run
Even if the winshield wipers are on
I the Broadcaster avoid police
But the Bat was led into custody
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