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I Will Buy You a New Life Lyrics

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I Will Buy You a New Life Lyric

Everclear Lyrics
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I Will Buy You a New Life here is the money that i owe you
so you can pay the bills
i will give you more
when i get paid again

i hate those people who love to tell you
money is the root of all that kills
they have never been poor
they have never had the joy
of a welfare christmas

i know we will never look back
you say you wake up crying
yes and you don't know why
you get up and you go lay down
inside my baby's room

i guess i'm doing ok
i moved in with the strangest guy
can you believe
he actually thinks
that i am really alive

i will buy you a garden
where your flowers can bloom
i will buy you a new car
perfect shiny and new
i will buy you that big house
way up in the west hills
i will buy you a new life

yes i will

i know all about that other guy
the handsome man with athletic thighs
i know about the times before
with that obsessive little rich boy

they might make you think you're happy
yeah maybe for a minute or two
they can't make you laugh
no they can't make you feel
the way that i do


i know we can never look back

will you please let me stay the night
no one will ever know


i will buy you a new life
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