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Long Ago Lyrics

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Long Ago Lyric

Adam Sandler, Alison Krauss & Eight Crazy Nights Cast Lyrics
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Long Ago Davey: It all seemed so long ago

Jennifer: Young and happy don't you know

Davey: Down by the creek I would show

fireflies to that girl.

Jennifer: But that was back when he was nice

Davey: Before my warm heart turned to ice

Whitey: My sister's wig once had lice

Jennifer: But that was long ago

Davey: The schoolyard's where we were,

the first time I kissed her.

Jennifer: He thought he got some toungue

Davey: But it was only retainer

Whitey: Eleanore's bra is a trainer

Davey: Well over theres my family home

Jennifer: And the woods we used to roam

Whitey: The only time I had sex was on the phone

Phone sex lady: But that was long ago

Davey: I carved our names upon that tree

Jennifer: I loved him and he loved me

Man: My darling wife was once a he

Man's 'darling' wife: But that was long ago

Jennifer: He'd always whisper in my ear

Davey: But then I started drinkin' beer

Whitey: My jewels got licked by six frisky


*Deers giggle*

Jennifer: Now he's just a loner and a lier

Davey: And my trailor's caught on fire


[Thanks to cascadecloud52@msn.com for lyrics]

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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