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How to Train Your Dragon 2 Soundtrack CD. How to Train Your Dragon 2 Soundtrack

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 soundtrack lyrics

Cartoon, 2014
For The Dancing And The Dreaming

Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson & Mary Jane Wells 

Where No One Goes


Two New Alphas (Instrumental)


Toothless Found (Instrumental)


Alpha Comes To Berk (Instrumental)


Stoick's Ship (Instrumental)


Stoick Saves Hiccup (Instrumental)


Hiccup Confronts Drago (Instrumental)


Battle Of The Bewilderbeast (Instrumental)


Flying With Mother (Instrumental)


Stoick Finds Beauty (Instrumental)


Meet Drago (Instrumental)


Losing Mom (Instrumental)

Meet The Good Alpha 

Valka's Dragon Sanctuary (Instrumental)


Should I Know You (Instrumental)


Toothless Lost (Instrumental)


Hiccup The Chief (Instrumental)

Drago’s Coming 

Together We Map The World (Instrumental)


Dragon Racing (Instrumental)


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June, 08th 2016

How to Train Your Dragon 2 album description:

In this part of the cartoon, you will meet almost the only instrumental melodies. A little formidable as the Two New Alphas. Or almost completely lovely as Flying With Mother. Or even average on the mood as Stoick Saves Hiccup. All of them are written with great affection, but somehow not so very spectacular, as if laid-back. They do not capture with their splendor. And the latter is lot in the music. Maybe we haven’t felt the whole soul of it up to the end. Or haven’t felt what the composer wanted to convey to us – we will not deny this. But the fact remains: all the compositions have much more desire to shake the listener than the real impression.
Gerard Butler (he is an actor in the film too) and Jónsi perform only voice melodies here. The first is sad and the second is funny. First is with male and female voices and catchy a little bit. And the second is not memorable – you forget about if after few minutes. But they, of course, of high quality and made with honest craftsmanship.
The plot of the cartoon does not possess anything supernatural. Someone wanted all of someone’s dragons, and attacks him because of the evolutionary desire to capture more resources. Despite the simplicity, the animated film grossed $ 618 M, and together with the first part of it collected over $ 1.1 billion. Not bad, considering that the total budget is $ 300 million. So, soon we should expect the third part also. Financial indicator of ROI (Return On Investment) for both parts is equal to 330%. And for the second is even more – 427%. Strongly goes below the one that The Blair Witch Project movie has, which is 11111% – the biggest at the film’s industry (its box office is $ 250 million, when expenses on creation only USD 22500).
Worthy to go to the movie with the whole family. And grab your dog. Or watch it on DVD.

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