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Zach Swift - Mama And Papa Hopkins lyrics

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Mama And Papa Hopkins by Zach Swift

I wonder why my mama don't love my papa no more?
I guess my daddy been doing somethin' wrong
I wonder why my mama don't love my papa no more?
Yeah, my daddy must been doing somethin' wrong
You know, I asked my mama, I said "Mama, what's the
She looked at me and said, "Boy, you'd better go head
I looked at my mama, she looked at me unconcerned,
I told my mama, "Don't forget mama, you never gets too
Old to learn"
That time I was talkin' my daddy, walked in the door,
Said, "Let that boy alone, 'cause he's tellin' you
Something right, don't ya know?"
Mmmm, you never gets too old to learn
Still, I say my papa must-a done somethin' wrong,
Oh yeah, to 'cause my mama's heart to ruin
Well, you take two old people that's been together a
Long time,
They don't want children's or nobody else messin' round
Their bidness
See, that's what I'm talkin bout!
But, the reason why I was talkin', 'cause my mama,
I didn't want her to feel too bad over what papa do
And I don't want papa to feel too bad over what mama do
And I had-a tell 'em
You two people is livin', you been together for a
Great, long time
You two people's been livin', yeah you been together
For a great, long time
Yeah, you know you had four boys and one girl to raise,
Now, ya better get bad things off your mind
Y'all just get together and try to get along,
'Cause, you ain't got many more days here
You know, then papa told mama, "come, sit down on my
Said, "Little things I've did, will you please, forgive
And it made me feel so good, man, I went truckin' on
Down the line
You know I wa't'nt gonna leave 'til I get them old
Folks together,
Whoa yeah, and get bad things of they mind
Sho'h 'nough

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