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Zach Swift - Burnin In La lyrics

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Burnin In La by Zach Swift

Just look at the people, whoa, just look at the peoples
I got over here
I said just look at the people, just look at the
Peoples I got over here
You know a little sixteen-year-old girl come to me
Talked and said, "Lightnin',
Would you take me for your souvenir?"
You know they had a big fire down in L.A., all them
Buildings is burnin' down
Oh, they had a big fire down in L.A., (well in Beverly
Hills or somewhere a little close)
All them buildings is burnin' down
You know they was lookin' for the fire trucks and in
Time none of 'em would come around
(Po' children were runnin' and cryin'
They couldn't help themselves, they was talkin' too)
You gotta get this lesson, children, you gotta get it
From the book
Talkin' about the things you buy raw, them is things
You gotta cook
Mama say she was hungry round about ten o'clock
That was the time the world was beginnin' to get on a
That was the burnin' down in L.A., all them buildings
Was burnin' down
Well you know they didn't have enough water to put out
The fire
250-some home they got burnin' down

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