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Hurt Lyrics

Yung Lean


Hurt Song Lyrics

Hurt by Yung Lean

Sad Boys

Shawty I'm a' do things that you ain't never did
Finna wake up next to you, in my crib, cause

I'm a' make you hurt
I'm a' I'm a' make you hurt

Sad boys, we on deck
Am I awake? You got to check
Went to sleep, then I came back
I'm the same guy smoking loud pack
Iced out, right back
PCP attack
Greedy pills hoes, on my ball sack
They don't know how to act

High tech watch
High tech locked
Broken skies, fantastic fox
Got keys, but I'll never find the lock

Emotion boys we in the UFO
Skies pink when I'm on ecstacy
In Tokyo, playing Mario
Sad Boys blast your stereos
Sucking on my nuts like pistachios

Mixing Champagne with Carpaccio
Slangin dough
Ho I'm in that polo
Stacks of money, more for you
Milkshakes with the crushed up oreos
I'm in Italy, Rodeo
Forgive me after my death

Louis duffel bag filled with heroin
Louis goons who finna trip on LSD acid tabs
Let them in

I'm a' make you hurt
I'm a' I'm a' make you hurt

b**ch I light up the sky
Call me Charmeleon
Life on the line
I ain't Charmander
But I'm nearly on
Clearly on drugs
That will make you hear clearly wrong
Longer than my yearly bong hit

Shawty thinks she's guest star Lean
Lean Doer dresses slicker
I'm so iced out that it's Winter
Destroy my stupid liver
I be on that bape sh*t
You rocking Quicksilver
Never hesitate, sh*t
To pull the trigger

Luxurious, ate before my dinner
Throw Bombay down the river
Yea, you get that picture

Gold and silver around my finger
Shorty on that West Side sh*t
Gold digger, wake up
And I'm a winner
Showering in 5 star
Ho take that look in the mirror
I'm on my grind
Like all the time

b**ch I'm Murakami
Shawty sucking on my pastrami
Get that salami

I'm a' make you hurt
I'm a' I'm a' make you hurt

Louis duffel bag filled with Heroin
Louis Louis Louis duffel bag filled with Heroin(x3)

Sad Boys

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