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Hell yeah Lyrics

by Yung Joc


Hell yeah Song Lyrics

Hell yeah by Yung Joc

[Chorus: Yung Joc]
Shorty what the mood is, stacks on deck (hell yeah)
Is that your life savings hangin 'round your neck (hell yeah)
You put some shoes on that old school 'llac (hell yeah)
Is you my nigga 'til they take your last breath (hell yeah)
Any kind I'm wit'cha way, wit'cha way I'm wit'cha (hell yeah)
Any kind I'm wit'cha way, wit'cha way I'm wit'cha (hell yeah)
Any kind I'm wit'cha way, wit'cha way I'm wit'cha (hell yeah)
Any kind I'm wit'cha way, wit'cha way I'm wit'cha

[Yung Joc]
Ay look, ay, Yung J-O-C now

E'rybody, know me, better believe I'm O.G.
Back back, gimme fo' feet, fo' the iron leave you with a slow leak
Slow creep through yo' neighborhood, black SS with the gator and the wood
350 big block under my hood, crack my window - smell that good
Wipe it down - I wish you would, bite my style - you wish you could
On my town - I rep my hood, 'til they lay me down - it's understood
Oh yes I ride for my homies, I die for my homies
I lost a couple loved, yeah I cry for my homies
Big guap' on deck, crack rocks on my neck
Patron shots up next, make it rain, leave 'em wet
What I got ay you can get it pimp, tell me what's the bid'ness pimp
Crush the cake then make it flip, then be shoppin on the Imp
If you think I'm lyin then my name ain't Joc
The hustle gotta hollerate cause I ain't gon' stop
Yeah I play my cards well but this ain't poker, I ain't bluffin
And if you thug it like I thug it then I got one question


[Yung Joc]
Oh yeah my swagger kill 'em, call me Belligi{?} Williams
Don't let the smooth taste fool ya, J so sick need penicillin
I love the streets boi, I f**k with D boy
Whole lot of money off in these streets so pull up a seat let's eat boy
Haters gon' have plenty to say, long as pennies off in my safe
So don't make me retaliate, AK spray every kinda which-a-way (BRRRRAP~!)
I do sh*t you never seen befo', all my clothes next season hoe
All my whips the cleanest yo, if you ain't gon' ball what you breathin fo'
From hood to hood my name good, Cartier lens, frame wood
Your b**ch a 10, the brains good (I love this song) I knew you would
Real recognize real, dawg that's just how I feel
I got nuttin but love to give, on everything that's how I live


Aiyyo Joc, lemme get some of this man!
C'mon check this out

Okay I live it, I done it, oh yeah that's Hustlenomic$
The ice, the clothes, leave hoes astonished
I know, you see it, think twice to believe it
Dope boy, magic, got my pinky gleaming
Give you the shoes off my feet, shirt off my back
The blueprint to these streets, show you how to make that paper stack
C'mon (hell yeah) I'm there for real (hell yeah) I'm super chill
(Hell yeah) If you need a tip I'm right here (LET'S GO~!)


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