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Secondhand Gunsmoke Lyrics

by Your Old Droog


Secondhand Gunsmoke Song Lyrics

Secondhand Gunsmoke by Your Old Droog

Yo, it's neva been hard to pull a fly colored tai chick
Have her sing me bedtime stories and sing a lullaby
You got the story dealin' with her, said she neva met a dilla guy
All advances she voided, nullified
You neva made the coochy fard, that's the queen captain
Peef, hard stab you in the heart, if it's peef, ass
What's today zu? I keep the brief, no identity, check me on my religious beliefs
And shake 45 rotations, waddup Reef? And the informants is boast
Salute, Chief! Follow the leader
I wonder if it whipped and then got a defeater
But they call me a thief?!
You don't even know a python is
You queer, y'all buggin' for evil
Puttin' that buggin' at ear
I'be been doin' this for years
Since Mexicans use to wear no fear gear
Peppey James and Paco, next to a b**ch in the train
Who's eatin' an ice cream taco
She don't even know like Rocco, we gon' have an eye quittin' later
And I'll give her Mr. Sacko
Rock the show, Wisashi on guitar
Spit bars loud, I was neva been hard
To pull a broad on Dick Mars Boulevard
No GAO, ma, give this donner son to Pamela Li
Kill the milf, put the grammy like the hemmy
The pass handed down like a hand-me-down
Sort of transaction with the pound
I'm not really as cocky as I sound
But you'll be shocked by my G, I get around
After I'm done, my drone can get his
You already know what it is
But I'm not 17, I ain't runnin' the trix
Groupies get passed down, but nobody beats the wiz
Get off the plane, girl, stick I'm low fiz
Hop in the cab and go see my drew skiz
He's with Tezabell! Who dat?
A lezy with fingernails full of Rezi

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