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Music Video

Central Park 5 (Demo) Lyrics

by Your Old Droog


Central Park 5 (Demo) Song Lyrics

Central Park 5 (Demo) by Your Old Droog

Cake off the single, my clearance from Cancun
Didn't exactly have a blessin'
We breakin' rule after rule and more rules
f**k it, that's hip-hop
Gotta ride it out, you can't make a bad trip stout
f**k his veteran pet form
Droog, I'm rap's pet torn, took a chick
Became her mentor, makin' sure she does the job and delivers
I keep her ass in the booth like Howard Stern due with Robin Quivers
Let's take some calls, break some bones with the original killer
Not the copy-cat murderers
I'm the real thing, yo man is pathetic
I felt more pain like red hands with anesthetic
Bein' static is home-grown, use to say it on the home phone
Plus, I won a bunch of times, old limes
I'mma let this keep, got my Rocks off and I went to sleep
Got my Rocks off and I went to sleep
I woke up in the mornin', hopped a train and saw my G Addict
Had an L in his hand, tellin' us his plan about how he's gonna
Rob this cat for two furs
I told him how I'm tryna hit the booth
Let em hitters knew verse
Thinkin' back, drinkin' yak, gallons, like Napoleon dynamite in the hood
Do these burners got black talents?
So many stories in my mental archive
They say we wylin' like the Central Park Vibe
Check me out, don't do drugs, don't do drugs!
Am I built for the 7 a.m. smoke session?
No question! Been hot for funeral possessions
Had a waking bake(?), breaking cake
God is great, moderate the intake for when the body begin to ache
I went up in the store to buy freaking Lucy in the eye, nigga
Was bout that time I felt the high kickin'
Was bout that time I felt the high kickin'
Oh, sick
It go
I'm so high and I dunno why
I let so much time go by
I'm so high and I dunno why
I let so much time go by
(Verse 2)
And I neva got IDed, what's the hold-up? I'm like God spede
Catches us out here gettin' bodied
But it ain't that dangerous, just make sure you move around
Puerto Rican until proven white
Life is good now that this rap sh*t is making us wealthy
See me court-side with my b**ch, taking a selfie
Yo, look
So many flavors, Neil Apollo, the raw labors
Step in the booth and lay verse after verse
Drop the sugar cube in the tea
Had a doobie like you're on parole(?)
Stink up the place like it ran monster fume
Rock the biggest stages, when on the stage this is aggressive
Waddup! Como estas? Neva in need of no testosterone drugs
Influence is mains from Nas to Bone Thugs
Some people, I came into supple citizens, a constant outpill(?!)
Carolina counter f**ked me up a lil
Gotta change how I feel, make it joyous
Employers, the lawyers, the work, got a couple deals
I didn't trap for years to get signs
I got all quibblin'
Now everybody soundin' like my son sodically
Had to bring em sonic wazin', the oxymoronic flow
Chronic blazin' on occasion
You muthaf**kas been up pretty
There y'all go screwin' up the vibe again
It's like that feelin' when yo high begin to fade

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