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Young M.A - M.A lyrics

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M.A by Young M.A

M.A, M.A, M.A, M.A
M.A, M.A, M.A, M.A
Who dat who dat? never who dat (who dat nigga)
It’s M.A b**ch, act like you knew that (it’s M.A b**ch)
It’s Redlyfe, it’s Redlyfe (it’s Redlyfe)
Ask around, we really do that
Turn the club into a f**king zoo
Groupie b**ches love the crew
That’s nothing new, pull up in something new
Redlyfe bomin’ through
Poppin’ bottles, still spinning blocks
Speeding, rushing potholes, every Tahoe
Ubers full of shooters that’ll crack your taco
Yeah I still ride for my guys
And I’m still packing them nines
Ain’t nothing changed, ain’t nothing changed
I’m still the wave, I’m still the wave
I pour champagne on that b**ch
For asking me for some money
They like M.A why you cheesin’?
‘Cause I just got me some [?]
Got the baddest b**ch in the game wearin’ my chain with her middle fingers up
Like a dress-wearing lil church girl with strict parents, we don’t give a f**k
They talk down, we live it up
We ain’t worried ’bout nothing
I’m probably countin’ money, getting head
And I’m just worryin’ ’bout nothing
They chase clout, I chase checks
f**k wrong with these guys?
Got a whole section full of bad b**ches
And I grab all of they thighs
Went from underrated to most hated
From a nobody to a Young M.A
Even white people know me, like
That’s Young M.A! No f**kin’ way!
We party and bullsh*t
We pop bottles and we smoke weed
We f**k slow but we live fast
I get high but I’m lowkey
Celebrating every day now
Every day we awake now
It used to be that Hennessy
Now it’s champagne for the pain now
It’s Redlyfe, it’s Redlyfe
Get down or you lay down
No this ain’t no playground
Them guys don’t play ’round
They was sleeping, yeah they was sleeping
Now that ass is awake now
f**k everybody else
It’s all about M.A now

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