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Young Jaye - Champagne Shower lyrics

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Champagne Shower by Young Jaye

Verse 1: come get a champagne shower baby come to v.I.p
I'm in the club 15 and I don't need no I.d
Everyday a different show everynite a different suite
Recording with a different artist makin hits on differnt beats
Come to v.I.p baby where the drinks is free
And we party all nite and nobody ever sleeps
Come to v.I.p and baby kick it with a rapper
The after parties poppin mite get laid wit an actor
Come fuck wit me baby come fuck wit a star
And if you fuck wit me baby I promise you can go far
So what's the deal for tonite shawty what you gone do
I'm in v.I.p and if you want you can come too
Verse 2: she said she never been so I took her to v.I.p
And security started trippin I'm like hold on she's wit me
She came to v.I.p and ever since that nite
People been askin her like a aint you young jayes wife
Come get a champagne shower baby just come to v.I.p
Where you can have you whatever you like but no t.I.p
Come to v.I.p where the most hated people are found
We can smoke dumb weed fuck a dime lets blow a pound
So how you like that you tell me how that sound
And if you not busy tomorow then we can go another round
So what now I guess it's pay day
Hey bartender drinks on me tonite it's going down like mayday

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