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Young Dro - Gangsta lyrics

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Gangsta by Young Dro

Gangsta, soldier, fruity fruit showed up
Young dro (yeah) but i'm gotdam growed up
Ten-a-key now, got da whole block sewed up
E'ery body smokin me, cush nigga "roll-up".
I'm ridin through da a, i dont know where da turn to
Yall look thirsty, my cutlass look like orange juice
442 f**k ridin ima burn through
Da mob dont concern you, we claeana than yo germ-proof
Money aint a thang b**ch im straighta than a perm boo
28 ashanti ridin tall me and kurn too
Ball like drizzell? hey b**ch you gotta learn to
Nigga say they underground ima send my worms through
I know where dey live at i know where dey kill at
I know where dey deal at and i know where da pills at
24-5 whole thang dats foreal black
Aint no short numbers for all youll short comers
Man da trap off da chain man we beatin like drummers
You ball for 2 days we ball da whole summer
I came back flippin bricks b**ch i do numbers
Gangsta, gangsta all you get is drama nigga
[Chorus 2x]
Who im i young dro im supreme im a lotta sh*t
I buy a lotta bricks to ride in my impala wit
Columbine shawty sh*t my car look like an oreo
Brown paint white guts yea me and coreyo
Son of da holyghost tryin me find me
Shoot a nigga in da back of da i wit da 9e
Niggas cant define me i trigga from da mouth
You black belt ninja sh*t im flippin off yo house fool
Killa dro im out to benz sourcout coupe
C4 by da pounds i'll make a nigga house move
I know all about you you full off of mouth food
I can eat a city and a state and drink a whole lake
Now i ride wit or-e-ate 88 ok, big brick specialist 28s ok
Put them on tha m-650's they ride terifically
b**ch say she dont like dro why da f**k you sniffin me
[Chorus 2x]
Ride wit me shawty while I let that "Shoulder Lean" play
White people like me, I'm on MTV w/ Green Day!
Green ice, green "k", tackles like the Green Bay;
KING nigga, plus my birthday on Mart' Luther King Day!
Yeah I got a Charger but I'm whippin' out a Stingray,
Just cause I was overseas swimmin 'round round stingrays.
Rollin off a bean (ok) might be lookin mean (ok)
I ain't really mad I'm just grinding on my teeth (ok!)
Chevy paint tropical "owee-moway, owee-moway"
Got'em callin FEMA cause the chopper on Katrina-Spray
My connect is so sweet, Jacob watch on either day
I'm hard i don't need to play, w/ grams and it's 3 today
Ya'll sell chickens, me and Chondo got that Eagle-yea
I'ma be a soldier man and I'ma keep it G today
26's well painted - these hoes ride w/ me today!
f**k wit a player, that's just hard for me to see today

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