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Young Dolph - While I'm Rollin Up lyrics

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While I'm Rollin Up by Young Dolph

Drumma Boy
Hood Rich, Pee-wee ass nigga
I scoop lil’ mama up & took her out to eat
We went back to my spot & we smoked out a P
Smoking one while I’m rolling up
Lil’ mama with me she fine as f**k
She drank it to kill & I’m pouring up
She a Dolph girl you know wuddup
Got hoes like Uncle Luke
I smoke like Uncle Snoop
But I get even higher when I’m counting loops
I only smoke indica bro I hate sativar
Me & my homeboys call it strong my Grandma call it reefer
Thug life, b**ch I’m bumping 2 pack (2Pac)
My muscle car got big fit & a big block
Smoking one while I’m rolling up
When you smell loud then you know wussup
Smoking one while I’m rolling up
Only A-Plus nigga that’s a must
[Chorus x16]
Smoking one while I’m rolling up
b**ch, I got that hitter 1 time that’ll make you choke
b**ch, If you ain’t smokin’ On this you must be broke
b**ch, I really don’t smoke nothing but swisha swish
b**ch, I split my heart & sh*t on Drumma beats
Streets, I run ’em like ’em were some f**kin’ cleats
Fo’-Fifth & [?] well known for my southern speech
b**ch, you got me f**ked up ho I’m like no other
My nigga stay gutta, you niggas ain’t none but pussy suckas
b**ch, my nigga don’t know nothin’ but make a ca$h
b**ch, you need to close your mouth & shake yo’ ass
sh*t, I got that space age pimp flow
Young Dolph & this your fat boy Premro
[Chorus x16]
I’m smoking one & I’m rolling up
In the Cadillac with a b**ch frowning up
I’m smoking one & I’m pimp type MJ
Mothaf**kin’ G & I’m showin’ up
I’m smokin’ one & I’m pourin’ up
This 2 or 3 I made a 4, enough
With a V12 attitude blowin’ up
But some of you niggas you ain’t close enough
Don’t you want feel the contact taste the word
Get a rotation wait your turn
And go from an average nigga straight to perm
Made a kitty cat wanna chase the worm
Feel real good when I mix it up
4 or 5 flavors I keep to blow
Seems I just can’t get enough
Now I got a couple I can kiss ’em all
Call my ho kiss ’em doe
Around the clock & we jackin’ in
Both you niggas is so full of sh*t
The only thing that you catch is wind
I’m smoking one & I’m toasting up
To the one that’s gone & past away
I shall not put that sticky down
On the smoke real real fat back today
[Chorus x16]

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