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Young Dolph - Grew Up lyrics

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Grew Up by Young Dolph

Yeah, yeah
Aye Dolph
I’m on the Paper Route too nigga
[Chorus x2]
My childhood friend grew up and became a Blood
But I grew up and made a living off a drugs
Seventy G’s invested in my own whip
72 Chevelle same color as the Crips
72 Chevelle same color as the Crips
Same color diamonds in my motherf**king ears
The pastor in the church selling my grandmamma O’s
Dolph in the hood, counting money, selling dope
My childhood friend grew up and became a Blood
But I grew up, got addicted to money and found the plug
Police run in here, it’s too much dope to flush
Remember I count 200 bands and said this ain’t enough
Super sport with wet paint, big feet
I pull up and kill sh*t, 6 feet
One street, 3 spots, a 100 pounds
8 scales, 10 straps, a 1000 rounds
[Chorus x2]
[Young Scooter]
My partner gang bang but I ain’t joined the gang
Scooter run the f**king Black Amigo money gang
50 thousand dollar ring, watch plain Jane
My nigga Low key Cali creeping and he ain’t bust a brain
I do a lot of Cali business, they got cheap things
Flush this sh*t, I know I’m never going broke again
Memphis Tenn’, Paper Route
Flying packs landing at the juug house
I grew up a hustler trappin’ at my mama house
When she go to work I turn it to a crack house
72 Chevelle same color the Crips
Dope with no smell, it go for 26
[Chorus x2]
[Project Pat]
Patter flip off, money like a wendy’s burglar
Start big, I’m for a young nigga on a curber
Run to, “casa” hustle crack off the worker
Play with my dough, chop a bullet, might just murk ya
He said if I turned, mo b**ch only twenty
Sellin’ pills and weed, I was getting money
Just another nigga made a million off a words
Police arrest me like I made a million off a birds
I flip the strip and made a lick, I’m the sh*t like a turd
That choppa blow yo’ ass away, yo’ shoe left on the curb
A nigga gotta make a way cause I ain’t trynna loose
I ain’t giving up, oh sh*t you can call me Scrooge
[Chorus x2]

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