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by Young Cash


Sugarwalls Song Text

Sugarwalls by Young Cash

That pussy so fat and I want all.
And it stay wet just like a water fall.
She either got on thongs or she don't got on draws,
She can see it in my eyes that I want them sugarwalls [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Have you ever had a bitch so fine.
Throw that pussy in the air and it turn into sunshine (I have)
She got a big fat cat. Not a little pussy.
My nigga plies said the best she got that pretty pussy.
When that thing good dawg I call it sugarwalls.
It taste so sweet like a bunch of snicker bars.
We ridin in the whip and she playin with my dick
She must know magic cause she do a lot of tricks
She got her own money, she ain't lookin for ya cash
She just want to be fucked right and slapped on the ass
If lil momma rapped she would sign with Slip 'N' Slide
Cause that pussy stay wet when I slip in side
She wear skirt with no draws I get my feel on
She the type of bitch I pop a Viagra pill on
You can't be scared man you gotta have some big balls
If you wanna fuck with a bitch who got the sugarwalls

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
She ain't the type of chick you take to burger king
You gotta wine and dine her she like the finer things
On a bad bitch, that's money well spent
Plus you gon be trippin when you see that pussy print
We back at the crip I'm bout to dive, in, splash
I downed a couple drinks hopin I don't come fsat
One thing bout that wet wet, I couldn't last
She laughed but the second one imam put on her ass
The sex game, she a pro, she got it on lock
Black magnum XL, I bought the whole box
When we sex her favorite words is don't stop
That pussy stay wet so the rubbers won't pop
She a sex feign you can't just put a quickie in
It's mandatory to put a couple hours in
You can't be scared manyou gotta have some big balls
If you wanna fuck with a bitch who the sugarwalls

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
And it ain't just the pussy she got stupid head
I'm talking good brain she up there with superhead
But if you see her in the streets you could never tell
A young lady she carry herself so well
She call me she be like Cash come over and do me
I'm at the house by myself watchin nasty movies
Bust in the door, can't wait to get to fuckin
She had my favorite color on absolutely nothing
Dirty dishes on the dresser we ate a couple steaks
Video camera by the bed we made a couple tapes
The number 8, the only way to describe her shape
She gotta work in the morning but she gon be late

[Chorus x3]

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