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Make Movies Lyrics

by Young Cash


Make Movies Song Lyrics

Make Movies by Young Cash

[Chorus: T-Pain (Sophia Fresh)]
Duval County... Stand uuuppp.
Young Cash, TPain, shawwty... Sophia Fresh yea yea

Let's make le le le let's make
Le le le let's make... Let's GO!

I'm a set the cameras up, u gon light the candles up.
Get ready for my stamina, Yeahh (Let's Make a Movie)
I'm your director, wanna see u sweat girl,
Quiet on the set girl, yeahh (Let's Make a Movie)
U be my actress, lay down on the mattress,
Lights, camera, action, yeahh (Let's Make a Movie)
This is a Duval County Production,
Sexual Eruption, Yeahh (Let's Make a Movie)

[Verse 1: Young Cash]
She a freak, and I know it but she stay classy.
Yeah I eat pussy, I'm from florida girl we all nasty.
I know what I'm doing so ain't no need for practice girl.
U so fine, u know what? u should be an actress girl.
I ain't talkin like sex and the city or law and order.
I'm talkin in my crib, me, u and the camcorder.
1st she was kinda scared, saying "boy u so crazy"
Next thing u know she dirty dancing like Patrick Swayze.
She got me so excited, and now I'm really hard.
U can be Halle Barry, and I'll be Billy Bob.
I'm an animal ain't no soft shit, I hope u ready.
Cause I'm a give it to you rough like DMX in Belly She climbin up the wall screamin I can't mess with u. I forgot to tell shawty that I was on too.
On top was good, from the back felt great.
And the best part is we got it all on tape.


[Verse 2: Young Cash]
Scene 2 I'm dressed up like a police man.
Shawty broke the law, I slammmed the cuffs on her hands.
Threw her in the bed then I read her her rights.
She can remain silent but she screamed all night.
I know so many positions, come here I bout to learn ya.
She says she want me to take it like Ike and Tina Turner.
That really ain't my thang but I went through with it.
Cause really in the end what's love got to do with it.
Pamela, Tommy Lee, Paris Hilton, E-v-e.
Ray Jay and Kim Kardashian and now it's u and me.
We gon be famous baby, we gon drive mercedes baby.
Hold up we can't leave that, my old lady gon go crazy baby.
So I'm a keep the tapes and make sure that they safe and sound.
And no I'm not gonna show my dawgs when u not around.
Soon as she left I grabbed my phone and called T-Pain.
I said come through I gotta show u this new movie mayn.


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