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Young Buck - Doin' My Thing lyrics

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Doin' My Thing by Young Buck

(feat. 50 Cent)
[Intro: Young Buck & 50 Cent]
K'Yeah!! (Man I been tellin' niggas ova and ova man..)
Aye yo, whuddup niggas (Not to play wit' this nigga mayn'..)
Aye yo mayn', there be alot of niggas out here (Nigga on SSK program)
Talkin'bout they got beef wit' G-Unit, ya'know.. (Shoot, stab, kill nigga)
And I be seein' these niggas..
I be by myself and sh*t, niggas be like 100 deep and shiit..
I be like: "Wussup nigga?!!" (Don't say I ain't tell ya..)
Niggas be like: "Nah man.." (I warned ya!)
.. "It ain't like dat."
[Verse 1:]
Look up it's a full moon the sound of the wind blowin'
And you don't know you 'bout to git killed, but I been knowin'
Tha nite still young, I mite as well come 'round midnite
Just me all by my lonely, my homies gon' sit tight
I'm workin' wit' a glock and just a lil' bit of gas money
But bet I come back, wit' what dem niggas done snatched from me
My Crip & Blood thugs, they wanna git witcha
They mad at me cause I'm tellin' em "It's personal, nigga."
I wanna see, if this motherf**ker want it wit' me
So on 3, I'ma hop up out this SUV
If ya around 'em, I feel like you down wit' em
As soon as this round hit 'em, you'll lay in the ground wit' em
Awaken by Satan but bein' carried by Tha Lord
What ya life costs Bill Gates couldn't even afford
Ain't nuthin' that can stop reprucussions if I die
This ain't got nuthin' to do wit' Dr. Dre mOthaf**ker
Just you and I
I don't need 10 niggas wit' me
I don't run and go git the police (I will do it myself)
You know me, I'ma motherf**kin' G
If it's beef, b**ch nigga will see (I will do it myself)
Let 'em hate, homie you know where I be
You done seen me git down on TV (I will do it myself)
And I brought the whole Unit wit' me
But they already know how I be (I will do it myself)
[Verse 2:]
In the beginnin' I was humble
Just thankful fo' makin' it out the jungle
I've never eva sayd nuthin' on this mic' I didn't want to
I'ma soulja, as soon as 50 give me a mission
I mark my enemies territory, then play my posission (Let's go!)
And homie know me even that nigga dat's wearin' ya chain
See we both from the South but homie, we ain't the same
And I remain in the same f**kin' project buldin's
I got guns everywhere, bullet-holes in the ceilin'
My adrenaline pumpin', got this 12 gauge dumpin'
Out the back of this cutless if I git hit up, then f**k it (yeaaaa)
Tha Reaper comin', so don't look back, just keep runnin'
Tell 50 fo' this hit I don't need nuthin', you owe me one
Now show me sonny where he be at
Dat's all I need to know, you can go - I'ma be back
Any other time I probably would've asked Banks to ride
But this ain't nuthin' to do wit' G-Unit, nigga
Just you and I
[Outro: 50 Cent]
Y'all niggas know whudd it is man, G-Unit South, Young Buck
I've been holdin', I've been savin' y'all niggas man.. I Swear to God!
i've been savin' y'all niggas!!
Ova and ova I'm tellin' him: "Fall back, Buck!"
"Don't cut these niggas, don't shoot these niggas.. Fall back!"
"It's not good fo' business!"
Right?!.. Well now I'ma let up on him, I'm let yall niggas know
They gotta green light man
f**k these niggas man!!
Git right man, whateva..
You know whudd it is fo' me, mayn'..
It's Tha Unit nigga, HUH!
f**k, I told ya..
I see niggas.. Fix ya motherf**kin' face, nigga!!
Look at these f**kin' chimpanzees, bunch of f**kin' monkeys, HUH!
Burgers, you f**kin' meatheads!
Yeah, Go!! Go shoot yaself motherf**ker!
Befo' I lose one of my good niggas on dat, you hear me?!
It's Tha Unit, 50!!

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