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Ye Ali Lyrics

by Ye Ali


Ye Ali Song Lyrics

Ye Ali by Ye Ali

The music just turns me on

Oh, so slow, so slow, so slow
Put that lovin' on me, put that lovin' on me
Gotta keep it safe, put the rubber on me
Be real, girl, I know you wanna ride
Time is on, lay you on the side
Cause I got a main chick and a mistress
And the truth is both slip in the same place
Equal same sh*t. See, my white girl can't dig my black chick
I know you see me on the videos (true)
I mix up the Henney with the Goose
I said, baby, how ya gettin' home?
She look back and say 'I sit with you'
Last call, it's four thirty
Her shoes off, but the flow dirty
But I'm parked outside so don't even worry
Baby get up in that whip and I get nervous
I just fell in love with the high
Champagne so priceless
You can pay her in one night here
Judas wanna dance in the light
One dance cost one grant
That's two bands if yo dinner wrist
That's a three sum cause you inna this
That's me you and yo friend, that's the real sh*t
Bronx sam to the beaches and beach house
If I never sleep it's a dream house
Me ain't neva talk in my e-mails
Always pay attention to the details
This time next year I wanna see eeeeh
Hit H-Town like I'm D12
I'mma dawg, I'mma dawg, I don't bite much
But now I'll neva go to sleep cause we all up

Kick it in here, believe it
You look like you lay in magazines, bae
You got it all, you need it all, you greedy
And as much as you think that I need ya
You need me, baby
Can't you see I been so involved wicha
Lately. Been talkin' all that talk
And been walkin' all that walk
You the baddest girl in the room
And maybe 'night I can get it all ass
And maybe 'night I can get the cold ass
I can see why neva give a shot to 'em
(I know) I can see why neva give a shot to 'em
Oh yea, you're the baddest girl in the room
I can see why neva give a shot to 'em
But you way to cool to be naughty
Way too calm tryna get righdye
Wished that song, it's alright, it's alright
Wished that song, it's alright
She lookin' fairly
My lips focused too
Her lips focused too

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