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YBN Nahmir - FAST CAR ENDING lyrics

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Ayy, Mannie
(Yo, Mannie)
In that Hellcat, we don't do no Scat Packs, we swerving
Hit this b**ch, she got a Birkin, but I ain't even buy it
Shot a opp, he still crying 'cause his lungs dyin' and sh*t
Call up my niggas, we hittin' your bando 'cause I heard you got them bricks
Why the enemies think I'm lacking? Yeah, whole time, I be on my sh*t
Ayy, we send crack shots like white boy in that Benzo
b**ch, this ain't no '90s, it's naughty, have Faye knock down your big bro (Grah)
I hit Monkey, then he gon' slide, bet he gon' knock down your kinfolks
Play with the gang, then you know you gon' die, we known to go slide in them rentals (Grah)
My car got performance, you know that it's riding, got boost on Forgiatos (Grah)
Ayy, and I know I'm all about races, I cannot be a racist (Racist)
Hit the switch on ten then I turn up, lowkey in a Supra
Lowkey in a NSX, Glock on me and I only need four rounds
Packs land, I get ten pounds, them b**ches get sent on the Greyhound
Them packs get sent right in your town, I'm all about racks and bullsh*t (Rack)
Ayy, ayy, I mopped up your set with extended clips (Graow)
Last move, I'ma finish him (Graow)
Break in they house and steal hella sh*t (Baow, baow, baow)
Break in they cars and hella sh*t (Baow, baow, baow)
My homie a b**ch, hit a lick then ran off with the pack
My mama tellin' me, "Don't kill him"
EDD, b**ch, I need all of my cash

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