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Xzibit - So Good(With Davina) lyrics

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So Good(With Davina) by Xzibit

Tres, un, tres
Tres, un, tres
Tres, un, tres
Tres, un, tres
(repeat through rap)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Feel so good, yeah, ha
Feels so good
Like this, yeah, feel so good
Hey ya live, bring it
See I been waiting all my whole life
For something like this
Who woulda thought the end of all time
Would start wit a kiss
I'm not the type to show emotion
At the drop of a dime
But at the bottom of the line
The decision is mine
To approach and get close
Takin' a chance in a way
But Xzibit give a damn what the next man say
Because you only die once
I'm tryin' to live to the limits
And it just now hit me that
I wanna take you wit me
For the long haul, I'll be there
Whenever you call
And get together, we stand
And everything goes according to plan
We'll be tight from tonight
'Till the daylight
If lovin' you is wrong
Then I don't wanna be right
So good
Never have I been so mystified
By anyone's love before (hey, yeah)
I feel so natural
I keep coming back for more
And each time we touch you open up a new door
Baby, you're such a midnight tease
It's gonna take everything to keep you from me (hey, yeah)
And the joy that your lovin' brings
Can separate the mountains from the sea
1 - I don't wanna be wrong
But it feels right
If loving you is so wrong
I don't want to go on
2 - I don't wanna be wrong
But it feels right
It feels good
So good, so good, so good
Spent so many nights believing I was wrong
For you being in my life
I can't ignore it when
Some say that it ain't right (It ain't right)
But I decided you're the best thing that happened
In my life
I haven't had everything (oh no)
But you come close to everything that love means (hey yeah)
In heaven's eyes love is embraced between you and I
Now that we have each other
I don't have to dream
Repeat 1
Repeat 2
I don't wanna be wrong
But it feels right
If loving you is so strong
It can't be wrong
Repeat 2
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo
I walk the earth like Kane from Kung Fu
To kick it wit you
And all your people like to criticize
The things that we do
But I don't sweat it, what we got baby
Is good like credit
And be careful what you wish for
You just might get it, forget it
I'm not about to let this good thing go
I try to keep it on the low
Put on a show like a Giggalo, so
It's dedicated to the one that I got
And other folks that start the talking
Would be walkin' the spot
But they don't understand we in a place
They can't even see
Besides, I'm not livin' for them
I'm livin' for me
And it don't take no brain surgeon wit a master's degree
To try to figure out
What real love is really about
Just let me live to the fullest
And keep my name at your mouth
And I won't bring you no drama
Without no reasonable doubt
So therefore, I'm not the one to try to knock like wood
You be my baby forever
Because it feels so good
Like this and a, and that
With Davina, like
Tres, un, tres
Tres, un, tres
Repeat 2
Repeat 1
Repeat 1

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