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Xuman - The Minstrel's Curse lyrics

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The Minstrel's Curse by Xuman

In olden times a castle proud and true
Shone across the land to the ocean blue
There sat a mighty king once, victorious and renowned
With ashen face upon his throne, he glowered and he frowned
His only thought was terror and wrath his only mood
His words were scourge and cudgel, his signature was blood
The hour is upon us, a noble minstrel pair
From journeys long returning to the castle fair
Beneath the lofty pillarsthe minstrels can be seen
Upon the throne are seated the monarch and his queen
They summon all their power, evoking joy and pain
The king's heart now is stony, they'll make it soft again
The king is awe-inspiring like bloody northern light
The queen is sweet and gentle just like the moon at night
[The song:]
Times of youth may vanish, yet memory will stay
Like a radiant rainbow banishes all dismal clouds away
My anguish shuns the rainbow's gleam. Lest the memory depart
Tell me, do childhood's dreams still linger in your heart?
[The king:]
You sang and wisely ser your words, that you may reap your just rewards!
I'll sing you a legend of the test that was decided by the sword
When only blood could pay for blood, those are the songs I like the best!
As though by stormwind scattered is gone the listener's host
The young man in his master's arm has given up his ghost
[The harpist:]
I curse you, haughty palace and all your fearful slaves
Until avenging spirit scatters dust upon your graves
Thy name shall be forgotten, the page of history torn
Like the last gasp of dying, in empty air forlorn!
I curse you!
The old man cried in anger and anger heard his prayer
The walls have turned to rubble, all lying broken there
No song recalls the king's name, for better or for worse
Expunged and quite forgotten. That is the minstrel's curse!

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