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Wotan - To Certify Your Eminent (Billet-Doux) lyrics

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To Certify Your Eminent (Billet-Doux) by Wotan

Yet once beloved silencers, came to perish.
To undo enamoured hearts of eachother.
With darkness and night in their wings,
They bring silver tears in the eyes of lovers.
And on that sickly Quiet evening,
The devil came to kiss his face.
Deceived him with a terrible presentiment.
And wrapped his heart in lace.
How their hearts were one.
How they deranged eachother, with seductive flames.
They made sacred songs out of heathen deeds.
A forever legend bares there names.
Its so cold without you near me.
I'm so alone when your not here.
I long for my beloved angel,
Please release me from my solitary fear.
In Silence...
In that night I slipped away
To a land beyond our dreams
Where nothing will ever wither
Where nothing ever dies
When I heard you ask me where I was
If I could still see you alive
But believe me I see you still
I feel you still
Through the flowers and the trees
Up to the hills where you can see
The light of eternal peace
I've never knew for sure
If we should live after we die
But here I am in this land of magic
Here I am
All those moments when you are hurt so much
I wish I could talk to you
Standing next to you like a shade
In that second before I died
I knew we would meet again
And until that day we'll be alright
While I'm waiting for you in these heavens
I'll be alright. I'll be alright. I'll be okay
I'll be alright

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