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Kick Your Own Ass Lyrics

by World Entertainment War


Kick Your Own Ass Song Lyrics

Kick Your Own Ass by World Entertainment War

Ommmm Shanty Town
Ommmm Shanty Town
Welcome to the K-Mart Tribal Ballet
It all started in a small town in South Africa
called Johannesburg
And quickly spread through the first world,
Third World, fourth dimension
And seventh heaven
Forever and ever Amen
My body is bread in a holy war
Change Change Change Change
My body is love in a holy store
Your body is God and I want some more now
Your body is money and I'm spending it now
Kick your own ass Now Now
Kick your sweet ass Now
No pride No fear No shame
Your body never lies
No guilt No sin No blame
Your body never lies
No grudge No spite No greed
Your body never lies
No gloom No doom No doubt
Your body never lies
The K-Mart Tribal Ballet all started
When I was only 10 years old
And I was in a K-Mart
In Johannesburg, South Africa
This was not a dream
This was completely real
I was in the only K-Mart
In Johannesburg, South Africa
And I could not find my mother
And the blue light was flashing
And my head was spinning
And I could hardly breathe
And everywhere I turned
There were white white white people
And sickly sweet smells
And the white white white saleslady
Was in my face snarling
Can I help you Can I help you
Can I help you Can I help you
And I was out of luck
But just when I thought
That I could not go on
I looked up into the blue light flashing
And I saw a vision
Of the Wild Black Virgin of Johannesburg
And she looked down at me and said

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