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In A Crisis Lyrics

by World Entertainment War


In A Crisis Song Lyrics

In A Crisis by World Entertainment War

I rolled over in bed to touch her head
She was mumbling in her sleep
And I listened close to everything she said
She was dreaming about the rocks and trees
bleeding everywhere
And I wrote down every single thing she said
And she said
The spirits of the earth
Are so hungry for justice They cry
And the spirits of the sky
Are with us tonight And they cry
In a crisis we cut away
what we don't need anymore
In the good times we fight our way
We fight our way inside
In a crisis we cut away
what we don't need anymore
In the good times we find our way
We find our way back home
I rode my bicycle by her house
She was gardening in the dark
Singing to the green beans and the beets
She was wearing her high heels
Chopping the high weeds
Dealing out life and death
And I wrote down every single thing she said
And she said
And I followed every dream she dreamed
Everywhere she led
And I wrote down every secret thing
Every word she left unsaid
The spirits of the earth
Are so hungry for justice
They cry
And the spirits of the sun
Are lined up on our side
And they cry
Thank you for purchasing the World Entertainment War propaganda bomb.
"World Entertainment War: Too much entertainment--because you're too much..."
The following graffiti is sponsored by World Entertainment War Subliminals, the
Program that turns you into yourself whether you like it or not.
DEMAND #1: We demand that Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Carlos
Castaneda be required to cry every time they report a tragedy on their nightly
TV news shows.
DEMAND #2: We demand that People magazine do a cover story on "The Ten Sexiest
Homeless Americans."
DEMAND #3: We demand that the average length of an act of sexual intercourse in
America--which is now an appalling four minutes--be required by law to be a
Minimum of 22 minutes.
DEMAND #4: We demand that the word "jerk" begin to be used as a term of
DEMAND #5: We demand a woman chief of the CIA, KGB, ABC, IBM, NFL, MTV and USA.
We demand that God be referred to on all future television shows as a big black
DEMAND #6: We demand that logic be declared a superstition.
DEMAND #7: We demand a 72-hour global boycott of all forms of media once a
DEMAND #8: We demand that you love your enemies just in case your friends turn
Out to be jerks. We demand that you brag about what you can't do and don't
Have. We demand that you kick your own ass. We demand that you confess
Profound secrets to people who are not particularly interested. We demand that
You wear underpants on your head whenever you watch rock videos. We demand
That you brainwash yourself before somebody nasty beats you to it. We demand
That you use your nightmares to become rich and famous. We demand that you
Live up to your true potential.
Do you know how to tell the difference between your own thoughts and the
Celebrities who have demonically possessed you?
Welcome to the New Age of total hype...the death of the news...the
Obliteration of consensus reality. This is beyond the apocalypse. It's the
Hype-ocalypse... Propaganda Armageddon...the final triumph of hype, wiping
Out all other forms of information. There are no more facts, only
Facsimiles. Don't ask "what really happened?" Ask "which point of view was
Advertised and promoted in the sexiest way with the most money?" And then vote
For that.
We have made the catastrophic discovery that it is perfectly legal to torture
And murder people with entertainment. The mass audience is in danger of total
Extinction through "enjoyment." An international consortium of entertainment
Criminals has, through telegenetic engineering, created metaviruses in the form
Of pictures and sounds. These metaviruses are virtually indistinguishable from
Normal pictures and sounds. After entering through the eyes and ears, they
Devour the imagination of their victims and replace it with the imagination of
One of the entertainment criminals.
If there are any entertainment criminals reading this right now, we urge you to
Turn yourself in.
Reality is now nothing more than the sum total of the war between competing
Infotainment conglomerates.
By the time children are 18, they will have witnessed 18,000 televised murders.
More people watch reruns of Family Ties than voted in the last election.
Blatantly totalitarian government is unnecessary here because the mass audience
Eagerly participates in it's own brainwashing via entertainment. Coercion is
Everybody in the world is addicted to drugs. Everybody lies all the time.
Everyone loves everybody for the wrong reasons. Everyone who believes in the
Devil is the devil. But: We know nothing. We agree with everything. We love
Everybody. We are not ourselves.
World Entertainment War: the band, the think tank, the party, the church, the
Lifestyle, the TV series, the propaganda machine, the healing therapy, the
Exercise club, the political lobby, the post-nuclear family, the media exclusive club that anyone can join...a private joke that
Everyone can be in on. Here are some of our proud consumer manias: fame
Pills, pagan banking, celebrity garbage, money burning kits, the yearly
Boredom Festival, public spankings, maximum security clearances, feminist
Pornography, attention span rehabilitation therapy, puppets modeled after WEW
Members, dream interpretations, endorphin endorsements, time travel permits,
Janitorial supplies for cleaning up the toxic wastes in your mind and body,
Information on how to start your own sex riot, instructions on how and why to
Eat dirt, instructions on kidnapping yourself, 3000-year old TVs, science and
Logic debunking, dossiers on entertainment criminals, the Media Overkill Game,
Love spells, the WEW aerobics video for use while smoking cigarettes ("Smoking
Jacks"), television scarecrows. Plus WEW spinoff organizations--Telepathics
Anonymous, the Dream of the Month Club, Morality Is Trendy, Yo Mama Brigade,
Real Astrology.
The World Entertainment War...official sponsor of President God and the
American wet dream. Not just a fantasy but an actual real life event, bringing
You continuous subliminal reruns of your happiest memories, freeing you up to
Go crazy in the name of creation not destruction

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