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Wonder Stuff - Grotesque (1:59) lyrics

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Grotesque (1:59) by Wonder Stuff

Since I've been seeing you,
There's a lot more things that I should do.
Since I've known your name,
I've been so lazy that I should be ashamed,
And you should see my place,
It's been a mess since I saw your face.
I don't know how or why you came,
I don't know shit,
Don't ven know my name.
Well you don't ask me for much,
But I'm losing track of half my stuff,
Things go without a trace,
And your best friend tells me
You've got a new place,
Well I bet it looks just fine,
More than half the things you've got are mine,
And I should break your neck,
'cos I'm losing track,
And I'm losing my self respect.
Oh now I'm getting mad,
For the love of the things I used to have,
Yeah now I'm feeling bad,
For the love of the girl that drives me mad,
All her friends look smug,
It's catching on like a virus bug,
And she's got some poor mug,
She'll get him down and she'll do it again.

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