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Wizardthrone - Beyond The Wizardthrone (Cryptopharmalogical Revelations Of The Riemann Zeta Function) lyrics

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Beyond The Wizardthrone (Cryptopharmalogical Revelations Of The Riemann Zeta Function) by Wizardthrone

Secrets gleaned from voyages in Epimethea
An ancient tablet carved with cuneiform inscriptions
My omnipotence unequaled, yet still the truth eludes
Could this hold the key to Riemann's final prophecy?
By the prismatic light of the twin stars of Thyraxia!
Infrared and ultraviolet beams converge as one
A hidden text appears inside the Epimethean scrolls
Unshackle thy perception from the follies of centuries past
Our voyage will reshape the nature of elucidation itself
Aeons ago
The ancients sought to solve the proof
Their methods crude
Weak brains that cannot hold the truth
I wield the secret
Within this dust
Forbidden deities
Will guide my wanton hyperbolic lust
Oh great Kor-tharos
We call you forth once more
Grant us a glimpse
Of thy ineffable wisdom
Lost in equations unknown to man
Trapped in a complex haze
Dark is the path
That leads me at last
In to the crystal realm
I cross the threshold of depravity
Cortex burns away, now there's no turning back
Through spiritual passages forged in alchemy
The crystal fragments change my eyes to mirrors black
Give in to ecstasy, relinquish mortal form
Ablaze in treachery, pandemonic we shall fall
A great deluge of noradrenaline
Inverted visions grip my soul, I see through the black hole
I drift bereft of conscious, fuelled by ancient medicines
Black power courses through my brain...
Bow down to chemistry, my spirit born anew
Infinite heresy, at one with universal truth
Give in to ecstasy, relinquish mortal form
Ablaze in treachery, psychotropic wisdom of the gods
I am finally free of this malodorous reality! Unshackled by the absurdity of space-time, I scry the non-euclidian psalms...
Ammalech - Abraxas - Transmogrify the planets
Mictlan - Xolotl - Destroy the stars!
Kor-tharos - Xantar'ax - Reveal the Hypergrammaton!
The solution is within my desperate grasp
Oh feculent two-dimensional pious Homerian adjunct... you know naught of my arcadian splendor! Expertly hath I merged my living essence with cucumiform progeny preserved within ethanoic acid! I will find the solution!
Through twin black holes, I return in 12 dimensions
Non-periodic order, over Thyraxian Archons I preside
All of creation shines in tetrachromatic wonder
My pulchritudinous powers bestowed over all of life
Hidden within hyperspatial chambers
The answers found in quasicrystal structures
I am the supreme omniversal intellect!
I am a god made flesh!
Lost deep in equations unknown to man
Trapped inside a complex haze
I wield the solution within my mind
Nontrivial zeroes blaze
Pathways now bright
Riemann was right
The will of the universe
Alone now mine to command
The zeta function as my guide
By the generalised hypercrystal method as prophecised by Dyson, I am eternally triumphant! K'tharos Ultimex Javaroth!

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