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Witness - Home Tonight lyrics

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Home Tonight by Witness

Sunrise, sunset, Twenty hour car ride
We're down south and it's gonna be a hard night
We got the Pharcyde playing in the tape deck
Going to Chicago where the potholes break necks
Making good time
Dippin on them toll booths
Eating at them diners where the waitress gotta gold tooth
I met a kid that said that I should date his sister
That shit would never happen
Republicans are bad kissers
But that's tour
In America's back porch
We get a little love
Then it's back to the blackboard
It's back north
And then it's back home
Back east
Back still killing me from sleeping in the back seat
I gotta stomach full of fast food chicken
In a back room sipping on a Pabst Blue Ribbon
And I didn't want to listen to your rap crew spittin
But I'm digging the cheap beer and tattooed women
This city's gonna be my home tonight
This town's gonna be my home tonight
This world's gonna be my home tonight
Ain't no place like home
I'm looking for happiness
Where it's hiding in the future
Cause The Wonder Years are over
And I never got with Winnie Cooper
I used to be the skinny loser that could write a thesis
And I'm still a skinny loser but I'll rip your mic to pieces
But that's a right I keep a refusing to waive
I punch lines so hard that I'm bruising the page
I do it as a student of the loop and break and
Live life like "What would Larry David do with his day?"
It's like that y'all
As a recovering rag doll
I'm done with shallow women that think that they're Carrie Bradshaw
I mapped every dip and valleys on the mattress
And I'm still infatuated with the pages of an atlas
So that's it
I got the bag packed quick
Left the television on
But I'm never coming back, kid
We all gotta pay the bills this month
And tonight I've been enlisted just to make a fist pump
Pennsylvania and Arizona
South Dakota and New York City
Been a lot of places and I've seen a lot of people
But I'm never going home, cause it looks so...

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