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Heaven Comin' Lyrics

by Witchdoctor


Heaven Comin' Song Lyrics

Heaven Comin' by Witchdoctor

Love for life(Swat healie)
Turn the books
Turn the good book
To the book of Revelations
It say some bout

Heaven Comin'

I see a rainbow in the sky
About 72 degree weather outside(uhh)
Nobody never wants to die(never)
Cookouts and barbecues goin' on
All kind of folks singin' soul food songs
(How long will it be doctor)
In due time, my friend
It's written GOD will win
Again and again
Heaven's comin'
So fast it's runnin'
Listen to the angel's hummin'
In the dream nobody payed to much rent
Every family had a home
Everybody power turned on
You better learn on
Bout this heaven, in heaven
The angel's number weigh more than seven
That's me, somebody else come and see
He got power, no money
And damn near everythang free
You can even go to Tahitti
On a freeby'
Jus' get on that boat
That water and float(uhh-uhh-uhh)
I'm tryin to deal with a mind state
Heaven ain't a world with a mother fuckin
High crime rate
Niggas out here hustlin' for crumbs
Don't it feels good
When it's somebody you can get 20 dollars from
Without them thinkin' it's for some dope
Cuz' I ain't never snorted cocaine
Or put a needle in my vain
It's comin', a seat full of colors
Everybody down like brothers
Even white mother fuckers
Heaven Comin'


I was the inner city blues, I felt plenty of it
The bad news, they seem to love it
When they flash what they flash across the screen
That damn TV(television)a powerful scene
95 we said fuck it, went to DC
Our click took a tour bus, bout 25 deep
Strange we didn't pack no heat
On the Caapital, appeared a mother fuckers in the streets
And niggas eyes hit a glare
And plus the moon and sun was out
Something spirtual in the air
Two men would never fully agree
But GOD loves to see
The coming together of the family tree
Ee-Ee-Ee feel the magic that I let flee
From the hole of my mother fucking dark soul
Heaven is in the mental
I swear I'm tryin to put some of it down with
This mother fucking pencil

Heaven comin'(ooh-ooh-ooh)
Heaven comin'
Heaven comin'
Heaven comin'
Heaven comin'
Heaven comin'(relax yall)
Heaven comin'
Heaven comin'
Heaven comin(heaven comin')(echo)
FUCK tha Devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (echo)

(beat is fading out)

(beat comes back in)

(Joi and Whild Peach)(singing)

Life is forever

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