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Deepening Darkened World Lyrics

by Wish For Wings


Deepening Darkened World Song Lyrics

Deepening Darkened World by Wish For Wings

So many nights so many days been slipping away from the human race
No emotion left no care at all I didn't turn my back I never tried at all
You ask me why I sit and hide
So many lives so many give in
What am I to do, I just never fit in
So many nights I sit and think about
All the times I heard you calling out
Who can I trust in this deepening darkening world?
I turn my back and keep walking away
So you can live to fight another day
Who the f**k did you think you were anyway
Nobody cares
I hear you calling I'm still stalking, you can't turn this on me
You see me falling, quit f**king clawing,
Quit your stalling, can't turn this around on me
You can't save me now
Lies, betrayal just another day all your f**king lies to me
One more time, just one more time, why not f**king try me
I'm not the person that I used
Person I used to be
Just try it one more time, one more time with me

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