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Urban Renewal Lyrics



Urban Renewal Song Lyrics

Urban Renewal by Whiteheart

Such a quiet crime, a subtle tragedy
Our city is sinking end we're thinking
Missions lie oversees
So the hope breaks down, we're losing
Hearts turn to steel, 'cuz no one can feel
When they got no dream
Urban renewal
Time to do some good in the neighborhood
Urban renewal
You know we got His plan, so let's take
A stand
Urban renewal
He will change the face, of any place
Urban renewal
Shoulder to shoulder, we've got some
Work to do
Don't need a satellite, the donation pin
We need hearts full of prayer,
People who care
And got the Spirit within
So let's knuckle down, and roll up
Our sleeves
And be working men and women
Not afraid of living what we believe


Urban renewal
It's our locality, you know you gotta see that
Urban renewal
He will change the face of any place
Urban renewal
Gotta build it up, build it up
Urban renewal
Get down to business
This job's for me and you
It takes commitment
To see it through
Shoulder to shoulder we got some work to do

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