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While We're Up - Stars lyrics

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Stars by While We're Up

I used to watch a lot more TV
And recite movies
But I've grown to like the sound of conversation more
And since you've gone I notice things more clearly
Like the stars
I now know you are one of the brightest ones
When I dream I want to be with you
Fly me back to where you are
A piece of me it went with you
You are my sky and all the stars I see
Surround me
I tied a string around your wrist
And said now you'll always remember me
Because a thread the gold weight of whatever it holds together
Now I tie knots around everything I ever want to keep
The only thing attached to this string is me
In my sleep I still talk to you
I close my eyes and I can smell you
I remember how you laugh
We told the same jokes but we laughed for years
We never got old
We never got old
We never got old
When I stare I hope that you don't mind
I'm only looking past their hiding eyes
Trying to catch a glimpse of the light I used to see in you

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