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When Words Fail - Energy lyrics

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Energy by When Words Fail

I sit in this room,
I'm all alone
With nothing to do
But stare at the clock
It's just before twelve
In the morning,
But I know that I can't
Fall asleep just yet
So I jump up, I've got energy
I need to use it somehow
I want a thrill,
I seek adventure
I wanna go,
I need excitement
I'll take the risk
No matter what that could mean
I'll take your dare,
I wanna dance,
I wanna scream
Oh yeah, I've got energy
Well now I'm out
Of the house,
Just cruising around
With my friends
No direction in mind,
Just driving 'round aimlessly
Don't care where we go,
Just wanna have fun
So we jump out, we've got energy
We need to use it somehow
Well I know this might upset you,
I'm sorry, but I can't help myself
And I know that this concerns you
But I can't stop, I need this

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