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Live Your Life Lyrics

Werd (S.O.S)


Live Your Life Song Lyrics

Live Your Life by Werd (S.O.S)

Yes I know it went too fast
But you can't keep living your life

It went fast the time
Live this shit life

Times hard but you know it's getting harder
Moving on in life just trying to top your father
But you rap and you aint no S. Carter
So maybe it's time to find next partner
Don't ball but you had a nice pitch
Now your playing pitchy hitting walls and shit
Cause your pissed off pissed on feel like your just gone
End up with nothing but a prick with some shit songs
Shit so you got little pay
But nothing to invest other day
But another way we others say
You get respect but respect goes away
Have to say I'm no in it for the long term
I'm twenty two with four mixtapes for them
Yeah it's true so what have you done
Aw you made a rap and you had a bit of fun

Living your life (Your life) [x4]
No me and don't enjoy it
Not all the time

No me cunt I'm finding it hard
To keep going with the rap when I'm mentally scarred
It's mental the bars I was spitting was large
Only when I dumbed down it was it hitting them hard
(Fucking pricks) Your never going to beat them
Want support it depends how you treat them
(Fuck) And if you want to speak son
Make your words soft cause tomorrow you may eat them
So what do you do
When it's raining on you feel Rangers blue
Cause your songs are old and nobodies heard them
Few thousand plays and they don't deserve them
It's like they checked the first songs
Judge it all wrong they checked the first ones
The first you got on and cut it all wrong
Now they like that's you they hear it and move on

Just move on
Should I move on
Check I just make tunes eh
It's what I do
It's what I'¬"ve done
For a good while
Ken what I'm still going to do it

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