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Werd N Deeko - S.O.S. Europe lyrics

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S.O.S. Europe by Werd N Deeko

DJ Scuba Steve
Norway Europe UK
Werd n Deek on the Bigg Taj beat
Scotland to Norway
Europe and we all flow
And try to get capital like Edinburgh and Oslo
Also you just get fucked like in a brothel
Trying to fuck with me it's like you entered in a hostel
With E Roth so ease off
Before I rip your ear off
Scream in the drum till am dumb Lord Jesus
I'm like him your just an Apostles
I'm class A like I got in my nostril
Yeah you dig it like a fossil
As a drink wine from the dark green bottle
Spark green my motto
I don't do the lotto
But a'l get rich with this mic that a bought though
Over Europe sicker than bird flu
Spread like epidemics energetic with words dude
Bigg Taj beat Werd n Deek never skiving
So get Dj Scubas gear and just dive in
Uh yeah I go in yeah
I can spit a verse hit you were it hurts
Get a hurst
I'm a blessing in disguise or it's obvious I'm cursed
I was born to be a rebel
Don't listen to heavy metel
So listen while I inflict all this sinisem of the devil
Your not gonna get on our level you've fallen off
Your shit now
Impenitent rappers have gotten soft
So write a verse worthy of spitting and we can talk
Until then stay in your position like we're a squad
I couldn't give a fuck if your nice and you got awards
You want applause just say shit about us you got a war
You want a brawl
Like old dirty a like it raw
I'm Biggie smalls
Kick in the door swinging a sword
So bring it on fucks cause I know you don't wanna start
I put you in a wooden box like Noah's Arc
I leave bloodstains on your frame
Making my mark
And the next snuff film that I make
Take you apart

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