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Werd - Sweet Dreams Pt.2 lyrics

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Sweet Dreams Pt.2 by Werd

Wake up
Shout out Wardie Burns mate
The Burgh murderer cunt
(Your sleeping on Scotland)
And my names Werd
(Hope it's sweet Dreams)
Ken what I mean just listen
Listen up see my life is like
Life is shite smoke weed fae the lighters light
The sight of mics makes life like a fight
But I put myself here like I like the strife
Like I like the shite like I like this life
When it's likely you types wont like me like
And I write and type see I'm slightly hyped
But don't deserve being seen in a scene so like
So good so bad I'm sorry he's raj
Whose good? Aye Mad, yeah Wardie, Big Taj
And Loki and Rid so is Nity plus Chad
That's 'zel' not lad I'm no meaning to slag
I love slags hate fags what the fuck is you dumb?
I don't do it for fun nah I do it for funds
I do it all damn day till the day it is done
So close your eyes and imagine what dreams may come cunt
You know what I'm saying mate
It's like I'm dreaming but your sleeping
And when I dream half dream half nightmare
Aye right I write my life
I stall I fall no fly my flight
Just fell down like the rest of my life
So I write my lines I (sniff) that white
Ever since my innocence and inner sense
Got lost to the elements of what I really never meant
Take a quote in present tense used as some evidence
Say I hate the scene but I mean
Ah forget it then...
Why try and change the cover that book?
If these people wanna judge it and cuss it on one look
Like front on new dudes and laugh on the Youtube
Well you tube you are just nothing but rude
I am not here to change it don't try it with me
If you don't fucking like it then fine it's free
Cunt it's fine by me there's no signing me
And there's a hundred fucking cunts that you'll find like me
It's like I'm dreaming but your sleeping
Remember that one
I'm quiet scared my nightmares are right here
The slight fear I hold dear and write here
It's quiet clear my idea was like peers
But these peers don't like me here
It's like life is a mic so I write right here
And it's quiet clear that I'm rightly here
You don't like me it's likely fuck you queer
Your just another fucking cunt getting nowhere near
And your views are confused you don't know what to do
You like underground music but you want to make moves
Stuck like some glue on bottom of shoes
Had the will to win but stand still and loose
And CDs sales and music is at a stand still
Scottish rap cunt never sell what a band will
The whole game is at a standstill
Scottish rap cunt never sell what a band will
It's like I'm dreaming but your the one sleeping

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