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You're a zombie

by Wendy O. Williams


You're a zombie Song Text

You're a zombie by Wendy O. Williams

Get a TV brain and a pixel head
You walk and talk but you are dead
You just came down from the trees
Now I got you on your knees
You don't know what's going on
I can turn you off or turn you on
Drive your car around the square
You're moving fast but you go nowhere
I'm inside your DNA
You can't make me go away

You're a zombie honey
We done consumed your brain
Can you tell the difference
Or do you feel the same?
Now you're a fascist robot
Just like you were before
We can press your buttons
And have a robot war

All you do is f**k and eat
That's what we do too
Tough for you 'cause you're our meat
But we don't make the rules
Not only will we drink your blood
We're gonna suck your head
There isn't much to think about
'Cause soon you will be dead

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