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Wehrmacht - Munchies lyrics

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Munchies by Wehrmacht

[Words: Everybody, Rifs: Marco & Brian]
Oh my God, I feel so hungry.
Just got a craving for some munchies,
I want some pizza,
I want it now,
Gimme some food,
So I can chow,
I love to eat,
Until full
I can't stop eating,
I'm on a roll,
Pig and pig,
Until my stomach bloats.
Shoving more grub down my throat
C'mon, mom, give me some food,
I feel like an Ethiopian dude,
The more I wait,
The more I'll omplain,
I can't believe this, a hunger pain?
Rib chaw,
Pizzamacht, barbecue chiken,
The greasy fast food clock is ticking,
If we come to your house, we'll raid your fridge,
In search of food, we're on a fridge,
In search of food,
We're on a binge
We eat out, we drink up.
We're never gonna stop,
If you don't have beer,
We'll gladly drink your pop,
Now I know because I've experienced the deadly disease,
It's a hunger thriving inard twisting feeling called the

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