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Wave - I'd give anything lyrics

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I'd give anything by Wave

Hold on
And hope for a better change
Like the cloudy days
That wash away by the
Warm summer rain
Singing songs as a way to carry on
Let my imagination 
Take me where I belong
Forever I'll be waiting for a day
Hey I'd give anything
All of the love I'll bring
Oh to be closer to you
Where all my dreams come true
Oh I'd give anything
So gone never to return
I'm on my way
No holding back
Or bridges left to burn (bridges left to burn)
Memories some they come and go
But the ones that I remember
Are the ones I wont let go
Forever I'll be waiting for
A day together 
Theres a time and
A place for everything
Lets hope I make it 
On the outside
Theres a world that is
Strange and inbetween 
Lets hope I make it on
The inside
(Repeat Chorus 1x) 
I'd give anything
To be closer to 

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