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War Rocket Ajax - Psycho lyrics

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Psycho by War Rocket Ajax

I have not been the same.
Ever since that day when they held me down.
And I can't recall the name.
But the bubbles stopped and the old man drowned.
My life's turned upside down.
Since I met that man with the holes in the hands.
And He says He'll hang around.
When I'm at my job or rockin' out with the band.
I'm a psycho.
Whatcha gonna do with a man like me?
I'm a psycho.
Sold out man in the band of the free.
People think I'm kind a strange.
I'm a psycho freak I'm a bit deranged.
Well I look them in the eye.
And I say the best thing I ever did was die.
My friends all laugh at me.
Say I had a bad trip but they just can't see.
They think that I've gone blind.
But I see so clear since I lost my mind.

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