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Wanderers - They Made Me a Criminal lyrics

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They Made Me a Criminal by Wanderers

they made him a criminal
yeah that's what he am
he didn't really want to be desperado of man
he tried to turn the nation
you seen him on every station
he keeps saying "son, it's alright"
someone had to play the part
show us things as they are
we were so locked up in fright
he had to take it this far
he didn't mean to grap that weapon
he didn't mean to kill no one
he keeps saying "son, it's alright."
strike out - when you're feelin lonely
hit out - when you're the one and only
blow up - when everything in phoney
they made me a criminal
a television terrorist
the only news of the world
darling of the media
the coolist thing since errol flynn
did you see him on russel harty
he's bigger than the government party
they set him free 'cause son it's alright

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