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Waifs - London Still. lyrics

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London Still. by Waifs

I wonder if you can pick up
My yawning on the phone
When I call across the country
When I call for no reason
I will bore you with my singing
Like I'm doing now
As you drink your cr*ppy Semillon
That gets you p**s-der by the hour
and I'm boring still
and I'm boring still
I am b-o-ring still
We took the bus to Freo
(gosh we get around)
I wrote some new bad lyrics
With that same old ban*l sound
And I miss you like a bad smell
I can't stand you anymore
Today I dream of anyone and not of you for sure
'cause you are boring still
and I am boring still
Yeah we are b-o-ring still
You know it's ok
I'm kinda happy to be dull
But I think I'm gonna throw up
If you keep on warbling
And if I ever come home and I am not sure if I will
I hope you're not gonna
Keep on singing still
Oh yeah but I guess you f**king will
Oh, I'm yawning still
You know we got it sorted
We really got it down
To a fine art at Freo
In that sleepy tiresome town
I wonder what I'm drinking
The label says it's Chardonnay
But it tastes all watered down
God I'm so bored and have nothing left to say…
I am boring still
I am irksome still
I am tedious still
Oh I'm exhausting still
They like me in Albany still
I'm in (yawn) a contract still…

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