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Voodoo Glow Skulls - Say Hello To My Little Friend lyrics

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Say Hello To My Little Friend by Voodoo Glow Skulls

Because your job sucks and life's a mess
And living day to day
Plastic people, phony smiles.
Sometimes you wanna make them pay
Surrended to the grindstone
Your complacent and obey.
You can't help but someday think will it always be this way?
As the past gets blurry and memories start to fade
You figure out what matters most, and is here to stay
Your life is what you make it, that's what wise men say
Raise the glass, and say the toast
"Here's to the better days"
Now that you're a zombie and joined the living dead
The dead corps tell you what to think
And who you are my friend.
Get use to your bad choices, you'll live them everyday
Another spirit broken, with many wasted days
Closer to the deep end, hanging by the throat
Better take your last breath, or lose it all my friend.
Set that alarm, grit your teeth
And walk among the dead.
Welcome to the dead corps
This is your dead end.

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