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U-Hall Full Of Dead Bodies Lyrics

by Viral Load


U-Hall Full Of Dead Bodies Song Lyrics

U-Hall Full Of Dead Bodies by Viral Load

100 degrees Fahrenheit engulfed in darkness
Pitch black black as night stench of carbon monoxide lingers
ÅÅoh, so slightly engines humming a grinding tune
Suffocating air an unquenchable thirst metal grinds with metal
Stranded in paradise paralyzed with dear
From heat exhaustion your loving mother dies
And you brave father had one too many heat stokes
Holding your baby sister watching, horrified panicstruck
As youÒre forced to witness her life lost an infinity
Ever so sweetly plucked from her fragile body
Death by starvation as strangers and loved ones die side by side
Al you know is an impending doom the putrid smell of feces and urine
Mixed ever so slightly with the nauseating stench of rotting corpses
Fills your nostrils
Seizing your sanity knowing that youÒll die like the others
Without water, without food consummation of the dead by the living
Days go on forever nights, an eternal damnation death turns his head, scythe in hand
Towards you, time to die exhalation of thy last breath begotten forever
Another member of the faithful forgotten forever
100 degrees Fahrenheit engulfed in darkness

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