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Degenesis Lyrics

by Vindsval


Degenesis Song Lyrics

Degenesis by Vindsval


Wiseman they call me, elder and sage
I have always been there, through all time and age
I am the essence, the visionaire
Hear my words, dear listener, dare
For with thee my story I share:

Once upon a tragedy our knights returned
With triumphant euphoria from their quest
In lands forgotten and forlorn
And entered our citadel, but not alone...

From the plateau of the battlements I espy
Black flowers on the skin depicting their cloth
An absurd legacy of the subdued
Lurks in their honorable hearts
...The precursor of a latent drama
Virgins, bards and fools await their scene
As teeth are chopped in muscle tissue
Voluptuous fusion of saliva and sperm
Phallus and flesh, hunger and lust
Infernal orgy of decadent meat
Yersinia Pestis - unveiled

High above the feast, hidden in the clouds
Moon's sickle waits, threatening to behead
Succulent odors swallowed by the stench of decay
The dancing scythe joins the carnal play

"Such as I was you are,
And such as I am you will be
Wealth, honor and power are of no value
At your hora mortis"

"Were my eyes not hollow, would I perceive
Your untouched beauty and angelic grace
My dear lady, so dainty and cold,
Oh grant me this dance and your life shall end old"

A wave through foul bodies
Culmination of the sick
Life's defloration
And the Dead overcome the Quick

"Your bright red lips grown deathly pale
As you listened to the dying men's wail
I have done my work well, now I will depart
What I leave behind is called macabre art!"

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