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Beholding The Glacial Empire Lyrics

by Vindsval


Beholding The Glacial Empire Song Lyrics

Beholding The Glacial Empire by Vindsval

Lost in the depths of an icy-age
Poisoned chasms open wide
Releasing sulphuric mists
To caress the blackened portals
Of the gates to immortality
Hidden in the oath of the pentagram

Naked I stand on the bare mountain
And behold the vanishing sun
The sword slides along my wrists
... and the snow changes colour
" Oh Lord, out of my veins rivers shall flow
Of my flesh a castle shall be built
My heart shall be thy feast
And my eyes shall enlighten the firmament "

Amazed by the whispering wind
I am engulfed by my own blood
Demonlike screams escort my body
As it sinks deeper and deeper

The chasms close, my sword remains
Petrified, time drowns in silence
For I have passed the last gate
And will haunt through eternities
My eyes behold the earth
Awaiting the coming glacial epoch

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