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Victims Family - Suicide Tag lyrics

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Suicide Tag by Victims Family

There's a McDonald's in the desert and a flag on the
and gonna shoot billboards into space pretty soon
so that when I stare up into the smoggy night sky
I can see the golden arches floating way up high
there's two miles of mylar drifting aimlessly in space
I'll just sit there with one more blank stare on my face
and I'll just ignore it like everything else
'cause I'm just to damned busy always thinking about
There's a place in the desert where the sand stretches out
and the wind keeps on crying "won't you get the f**k out"
all the white people came with their porsches and pools
to elect some celebrity to make all the rules
there's a shopping center standing on a burial ground now
there's a hamburger stand where you can eat a sacred
it's a half a pound slab and it's juicy and meaty
and the billboard makers whine and complain about
There's a barge full of garbage floating in the harbor
there's a cementary full of our heroes and martyrs
and our road is paved with the beast of intentions
there's an answering machine answering at suicide
but at least someones listening sooner or later
so that they can report back that I am a traitor
for defacing all your billboards with a suicide tag
that you just can't wash out with some thinner and a rag

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