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Victims Family - Doo Doo lyrics

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Doo Doo by Victims Family

Well you better listen up and you better listen good, cuz I'll only say
it once and I won't say it twice. Okay?
Well I'm walkin' down the street and I'm steppin' in the muck, oh sh*t,
oh f**k I'm running amok.
Well I'm so sick and tired of the muck and the mire my heads on fire
and I'm pulling teeth with pliers.
Well, you never listen to a single word that I say, it didn't matter
anyway, I'm just babblin'...babblin' babylonian... ohbabybabybaby
ohbabybabybaby pleasebabybabybaby, don'tleavebabybabybaby.
Well I'm stuck in the nozzle at the bottom of the bottle, it's the bottle
that I guzzle, just give me a muzzle. I'm just doggy breath.

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