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Versus The Mirror - Click, Click lyrics

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Click, Click by Versus The Mirror

The lights in this nameless city all flicker like they're tapping out a code,
There's a message there that I can only see.
If I would just figure out
What the ons and offs all meant,
There'd be a whole new kind of (INSERT YOUR FAVORITE WORD HERE) reserved for me.
We're just spending time.
And of all the days I've lived,
Here've been none so strange as this
I swear and I need to know
Should I do it all again,
Would it end up different or just the same?
And on and on.....
So I drift around the streets in search of hope and answers.....
Here they are....
There they go....
Here we are....
Guess I'm gonna have to drift some more.
I've been searching broken mirrors for a piece of what I used to be,
But there's nothing there.
I've been hanging out on corners
For a sign of a former me
But he's skipped town
And he's left no trace behind.
I've a feeling I was better off inside.

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