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Break The Disembodied Altar

by Vedonist


Break The Disembodied Altar Song Text

Break The Disembodied Altar by Vedonist

Break the disembodied altar

Raise your head, son of Cain, and look
Ehere paths treaded by the blind have led you
Turn away and find the forgotten requests
Promised to be carried by the blind out

Standing alone at the crossroads of the dead ends
Without heavens above and no hells below
Answer me, why have you turned from wolf to sheep?
Why has the hollow forgiveness become price for your love?

Renounce of worms hatched in heaven
Spit the truths of the mouldy tome out
And recall the pride wiped away with tears
Which have soaked into the dead soil of your faith

Break the disembodied altar

Why do you choke with your own desires?
Why do you drown in the stream of life?
Have you ever thought in whose name you live?
Has anyone seen your face before?

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